Most people use oil in some form for cooking and if selecting a particular kind of oil such olive oil can help alleviating memory loss and forgetfulness in menopause or other stages of life it would appear practical to include it into your daily cooking.

Olive oil is a healthy choice because of numerous factors including its efficacies on memory function. It is probably one of healthiest components to make your food taste better while work towards improving memory clarity and reducing brain cloudiness.

This oil comes directly from the Mediterranean Region and it has become so popular that it has been used in all the continents. It is a favorite among all the health aware people. Due to the significant number of benefits, it has been rated among the top nutrition provider.

Some health benefits of olive oil:

One of the best menopause diet that is lean in saturated fats (red meat) balanced with a healthy dose of fatty acids has pointed to a number of health benefits. Most of the fatty acids that your body may need can be found in extra virgin olive oil.

Antioxidant has been linked to its ability to improve brain function and prevent cancer or other diseases. Fresh fruit is especially rich in antioxidants, but it may surprise you to know that extra virgin olive oil as part of a balanced diet can provide as much antioxidant as a piece of fruit.

Beyond its antioxidant features, the health benefits of extra virgin olive oil extend to the reduction of LDL (bad cholesterol) while increasing the amount of HDL (good cholesterol). It has provided significant data to indicate it may also lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart disease and help in fighting colon cancer specifically.

Olive oil can be found easily in many supermarkets. You can also buy extra virgin olive oil at an online store.

You can use it in your cooking and salad dressing as well as many other things to step towards feeling confident that you are doing everything you can to avoid forgetfulness and make certain that your memory stays sharp.