It is very possible for you to get pregnant, even when you are in your 40s and your period patterns has starting to change. Find out more about menopause and pregnancy as well as chances of pregnancy during menopause in this article.

Can you get pregnant during menopause?

It seems unlikely that when you are entering the menopause stage in your life that you can become pregnant. Although the chances that you could get pregnant while in menopause are lowered because of the irregularity of ovulation, it is true that you could become pregnant. Mainly because you are still getting your period, although irregularly bleeding, you are still ovulating, and therefore can still become pregnant.

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In fact, a recent study has showed that the birth rate among the over-40s has doubled over the past two decades. This may be due to the fact that nowadays women over 40 are usually more fertile than middle-aged women of previous generations, a change caused by natural selection. In women over 40s, those genetically predisposed to longer-lasting fertility have higher change to conceive. This gene is passed on to their daugher, who in turn can have babies later in life.

So even though you are now just going through your menopause years, there is still a chance you could become pregnant.

Menopause and Pregnancy

Menopause in the recent years has opened up many women to enjoy their sex lives. Due to the elimination of having to use protection in order to prevent pregnancy, the sexual inclination has had a higher rave. So when it comes to pregnancy during menopause then the emotions can be mixed. Some women feel that they are too old to have children and the stress of having a pregnancy during menopause can be increased.

The options available to you when you are getting pregnant during menopause are not limited, although they seem that way. Many women choose to terminate their pregnancy because they feel that they are too old to take care of a baby, and the demands on the body are just too great. However on the flip side of the coin some women are very happy to find out that they are pregnant during menopause. They feel like women as they did in their youthful years. It means that they can still do their duties as women and that can also prove to provide them with a glow.

It is important to discuss pregnancy or any kind with your partner, especially during menopause. You and your partner should discuss the options available to you. With emotions flaring, don’t be afraid to say what you need to say in order to deal with your pregnancy. Pregnancy during menopause is another challenge that can only be faced through proactive cooperation.

I don’t know how we’re going to have this baby because I’m in my forties and I can’t even remember my first son’s name. But I’m going to have another baby because I’m feeling good.
~ Sherri Shepherd ~

Chances of pregnancy during menopause is not high but possible. If you find out you are pregnant during menopause, you need to think about what is best for you, and what is best for the baby. It is useless to pint fingers and shift blame. Your emotions are going to be all over the place because you are dealing with two major hormonal shifting and unbalancing. Don’t feel pressured to do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable in any way.